Independent House Cleaner – The Risks

Their 30 years versus ours – Why you should hire a business, not an independent

Their 30 years of experience:

-One time cleanings on and off for “30 years”. No licensing means no one to verify their experience. References are also not reliable as they could be giving you their mom or sisters phone number as a reference.
-Hit or miss quality. Who cares if they do a good job for this one job?
-Hopping from one job to the next and considering one job this year to qualify as a year or more worth of experience.
-Hit or miss reliability. If they book another cleaning that is going to pay more then yours, you can bet they won’t show up and might not even let you know.
-Lack of integrity. An independent cleaner may or may not do a good job or fix mistakes; in fact they may or may not answer phone calls after the job has been done.
-Injuries in your home are paid for by you, which could add up to thousands, depending on the injury. Your insurance will also have to pay for time off of work while the independent recovers from injuries. Broken items in your home are at your expense.
-A one time job means an opportunity to steal. Do you really want to trust someone with no company reputation, background check, and no one to enforce integrity in your home? Even regular independent cleaners will supplement their paychecks with your things if they don’t believe they are being paid enough.
-An independent cleaner doesn’t pay taxes or social security. In fact, they often will not do work for anyone who insists on giving them an 1099 independent contractor tax form. In the long run, if you hire an independent as a regular cleaner (pay over $600 to them in a year), when they retire, you will be required to pay their social security out of pocket. You may also be responsible for taxes not paid for years of service.
-If they work every work day for a year doing one client each day, the maximum customers serviced is 262 customers. That is assuming reliability is 100%.
-They often just flat out lie about how many years of experience they have.

Our 30 years of business:

-Consistent work, many clients each day, including regulars for 30 years. Several teams of crews means you can pick the crew that works best for you.
-Satisfaction guarantee. We have a reputation to uphold as a business, so we have an invested stake in making sure your home is cleaned and cleaned well.
-We work Monday through Friday 8:30 – 5:30 all year long. Not just sporadically.
-Reliability is 100%. We have several crews and if one team has a problem, we have other crews to fill in. We will always get the job done when you need it done.
-Full time office staff available Monday through Friday 7:30 – 5:30 for you. Their job is to make sure customers are satisfied and that someone is always available by phone or email when you need them. Your home being clean is our business.
-We have workers compensation insurance to make sure if someone is injured in your home, you are not responsible. If something breaks, our company has property insurance for your home to cover your losses.
-Integrity means we background check our employees not just when we hire them, but regularly to make sure we have the best people in your home. In order to insure employees, they must have clear background checks.
-All taxes and social security costs are included in the cost of each service. You will never have to worry about paying taxes or social security when you go through a licensed company. And there is a difference between a company that is licensed and an independent operating as a business. They often will not pay taxes or social security. If they can not provide a tax ID number, they are not a licensed company.
-In a year, we service between 3000 and 5000 clients. We are 100% reliable and work very hard to make sure each client feels like our only client and that all of their needs are met to the best of our abilities.

How do I know if my service company is a legitimate company or an independent operating in the guise of a business?

-A legitimate company can provide a tax ID number.
-A legitimate company can provide a certificate of insurance.
-A legitimate company will be licensed through a business accreditation, such as the Better Business Bureau. If you are not finding your “company” listed with them, they are not a real company. If you don’t want to check your companies licensing and bonding, at least check the Better Business Bureau at to make sure they are an accredited business and have a rating with them.
-Don’t be fooled. Just because an independent has an ad online or even in the phone book does not mean they are paying taxes or have licensing. Always make sure to ask for those things. It’s easy for an independent to say they are licensed. Always verify! A real company will be able to email or fax their licensing and bonding information to you.

It is so important to make sure you know who you are letting into your home. You don’t have to hire us, but always make sure to hire a legitimate company for any services done in your home.

Colorado Springs House Cleaning has been in business since 1987. We are a family owned and operated company originally run by Mario and Linda Philippou and now passed on to their children Phil, Sharon and Michelle. Our business and livelihood is in this company, so we have a vested stake in making sure you are satisfied with the service you are paying for. Our goal is 100% satisfaction with every customer. You are more than just a name and address in our books. When you hire Colorado Springs House Cleaning, we treat you like family. Give us a call at 719-634-1139 to get a free estimate over the phone or to talk to us more about the reasons to hire a service company instead of an independent.

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