Colorado Springs House Cleaning Service Inc Reviews

We strive to make every customer satisfied. Here is just a few testimonials of what our customers are saying!


I have been using Colorado Springs House Cleaning for years and they are excellent! They do all of my rental home cleanings as well as my own home every other week and they always do a great job. These people care about their customers and it shows in the customer service they provide. I felt it was time to update my review and let you know that your teams are still doing an excellent job every time they come to clean my own home and when they clean our rentals.


Called them to come and do a deep cleaning of the furnished house we were moving out of and they were able to get us scheduled for the very next day! The management company recommended them to us and told us that they like dealing with this company because they guarantee the job they do and don’t give them a hard time about coming back to correct any issues with the cleaning if there is any kind of problem. They are also a BBB accredited business which is reassuring. Our experience was excellent! The crew did an wonderful job for us and the cleaning passed our property managers inspection without a problem! It is obvious to us that these people know what they are doing and take the time to get it done right! They were very easy to work with and they will for sure our first choice when we need cleaning again.


My life has gotten much easier since I have hired Colorado Springs House Cleaning! I was so overwhelmed trying to juggle all the things in my life and just having a second pair of hands around the house has really made a huge difference. Thanks to everyone over there and thank you for the crew you keep sending us, we really appreciate them!


Been using them for over 10 years now. The family has always treated our family well and we wouldn’t consider anyone else. Over the years as girls have come and gone we have liked some more than others but we always end up finding a new crew that meets our needs. It does seem like there are some that are better than others but whenever we call and request a team they are pretty good about getting us the crew we want. I appreciate them and their honesty.


Canceled our maid because she was so flakey! So happy I found Colorado Springs House Cleaning so that I don’t have to deal with unreliable people anymore. Seriously tho it’s impossible to find good people these days…


We have been looking for a cleaning service for a while now. Too many times did we flunk out our cleaners as many were unreliable or just not trustworthy. I have been very happy with their work so far. They are professional, hard working, and mostly on time. As long as they keep it up I see no reason to ever change companies again!


I call them on occasion whenever we have guests or are getting behind on the chores… Every time they do a great job. I am grateful to have the help and while the prices seem a tad high I feel like I am getting what I am paying for especially for a local company. Their workers are always friendly and the girls at the office always take care of us if there were any problems (very rare so far have used them over 10 times).


They impressed me! I am so used to my house being trashed that it’s hard to remember the last time I have seen it this nice looking. Counters, floors, carpets. Look great. Organization and bathrooms great! I am glad I am not a house cleaner cuz I am not sure I could keep up with the pace they work at!


Had some very unreliable independent house cleaners for years and got tired of finding a new one every 6 months… So far no issues and my house is cleaned whenever I have them scheduled! Won’t be messing around with the hassle of hiring direct anymore.


Hired them for a move out cleaning and they did an excellent job. Communication was great and the team did everything I asked for! If I wasn’t moving out of the area I probably would consider them for regular service but oh well!


I just had a deep clean done by CSHCS and it looked wonderful!! They did things I didn’t even expect. My doors and windows were spotless!! They arranged my daughters bedding in the most precious way, they set up her little stuffed animals for her and everything. They fixed my messy counter top in my bathroom and arranged all of my essential oils in a cute way. The crew went above and beyond. They were SO nice and respectful while they were there as well. The price was very reasonable, and I feel I got much more than what I paid for. I will be booking with them again for sure!!


This cleaning service is AMAZING! I had to move sooner than I had expected, and they made my move-out process so much less stressful. Their price is extremely reasonable for the amount of work they put in, and they even swept/wiped down my upstairs when I only paid for cleaning on my main floor. I am thrilled with the results, and I will be scheduling again for cleaning in my current home!


Great experience with Colorado Springs House Cleaning Service! They clean my home bi-weekly and I feel very comfortable having them in my home. The company explained to me that they run thorough background checks on their employees and I am very comfortable leaving them alone in my home. I have found them to be very reliable and they do show up on the day and time they promise. I like the fact that they always come prepared with all the necessary cleaning supplies and equipment they need and just get on with the job. It always looks and smells and looks great when they leave and its so nice to come home to a nice clean house! 🙂


My husband was coming home from a long hospital stay, and I needed the house deep cleaned quickly. They were able to get a team to come the very next day, and the cleaners did an excellent job! Thank you so much, Colorado Springs House Cleaning! Well done!


Excellent Service! We had them do a deep cleaning of our house last week in preparation for all of our guests coming to visit for my son’s graduation and they did an excellent job! We had two very professional cleaning ladies come and spend about 6 hours cleaning our home from top to bottom and they did a fantastic job! I agree with the other reviews here on the professionalism of the office employees and the cleaning personnel. We will use again when needed. Mat.


I have been using Colorado Springs House Cleaning Service for about 2 years. Everyone I have worked with has been nice and very professional. The cleaning is done quickly and efficiently with no heavy smelling cleaning products. I love Colorado Springs Housecleaning Service, and look forward to working with them for many years to come!


We love Colorado Springs House Cleaning. We have used them for years and have been very happy with their service. Only once did we have issues with performance and one quick phone call fixed everything. I would recommend to friends and family