All our discounts require you to call us. If you want to take advantage of one of them please let us know over the phone.

Our phone number is (719)634-1139


Flexible Customer Discount – 10% Off (Call Only)


  • You are ok if on the rare occasion we have to move you to another day than the day you were scheduled for.
  • You can accept the cleaners at any time during the day or you do not need a firm arrival time. (We will still tell you what time we are aiming for within a 3 hour window).
  • You do not require a specific crew. (we will still try for your preferred team)


Phone Estimate – 10% – 20% Off.

All our phone estimates have a built in discount over online estimates. You do not need to ask for this it is built in!


Specials Days – 10% – 30% Off.

Specific days of the week have a built in discount depending on how busy our schedule is. We can give you a great price if you book on one of these days! Just ask which days we are running specials on and we can offer you a better price!