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Welcome! Here You Can Find Great Information on Spring Cleaning  or Deep Cleaning of your home in Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Monument, Broadmoor, Rockrimmon  and Briargate and surrounding areas from Colorado Springs House Cleaning Service Inc.

Are you looking for affordable quality house cleaning in Colorado Springs? Look no further .. since 1987 we have been cleaning homes all around the El Paso County area.  We can do any kind of cleaning you need ... regular periodic cleaning, including weekly, every other week or monthly service. We also do periodic cleaning such as deep cleaning services, spring cleaning, move out or move in cleaning, construction or remodel cleaning, etc.

Contact us with confidence! We are fully bonded and insured, member of the Colorado Springs and Denver Better Business Bureau and we guarantee your privacy will be respected. All information on this site is offered for free and without obligation and we plan to offer more home cleaning and maintenance tips as we develop the content of our site. Why do we do this? We want to be YOUR House Cleaning Company and to be your trusted, professional home cleaning partner in Colorado Springs. Call us and we will help you keep your home in tip top shape at an affordable rate. 

Your home is one of your biggest investment. As the top Colorado Springs and  El Paso County house cleaning company we have the experience and track record you need to keep your home looking it's best. If you want help in cleaning your home then please call us and let us help.  For more information about our company click on one of our links  on the left.

Thank You for considering us,

Colorado Springs House Cleaning
serving Colorado Springs and surrounding areas including:
Black Forest, Briargate, Broadmoor, Cimmeron Hills, Erindale, Fox Run, Gleneagle, High Forest Ranch, Kings Deer,  Monument,   Jackson Creek,  Woodmoor, Mountain Shadows, Norwood, Old Colorado City, Old Farm, Palmer Lake, Peregrine, Pine Cliff, Pine Creek, Rockrimmon,  Rustic Hills,  Skyway, Spring Creek, Springs Ranch, Stetson Hills, University Park, Village Seven., etc


The summer is almost here, time for a major Springs Cleaning!  Also this is the time of year that if you plan to move you may be getting ready to put your house on the market? Here are some hints on getting your home in ship shape for the summer! If you don't have the time or energy to do this Deep Cleaning yourself then call us. We can help you clean it up and help it look great! House Cleaning is our passion and we are GOOD at it! Remember, if you plan to sell your home a clean home will always sell for more than a dirty one. Let us help you clean your home in preperation for sale! And when you finally sell your home we can also do your Move Out cleaning at your old home, and your Move In cleaning at your new home. We also do weekly, every other week, monthly and occasional service .. call us to discuss your needs!

If you plan to clean your own home here are some Spring Cleaning / Deep Cleaning Tips:

Spring is here! It's time to get rid of a winter's worth of dust and grime. Unfortunately, it's also the time of year when we all want to be outside enjoying the fresh air. The last thing on our minds is cleaning. But the good news is that with a thorough spring cleaning, all of the fragrant crispness of spring time can be felt throughout the house. And with the following gameplan to guide you, you'll be able to clean up quickly and efficiently, with plenty of time left over to stop and smell the newly budding roses.

Even before you clean, there are a few precautions you should take so that cleaning can be finished as painlessly as possible.

-- Wear comfortable, old clothes that you won't mind staining or getting dirty.

-- Take stock of your cleaning needs and supplies. Don't wait until you're about to clean the oven to find out that you don't have any oven cleaner left. Have everything on hand and ready to go for a smooth time.

-- Prepare one bucket of supplies to bring with you to every room. All you really need are a few rags, some paper towels, furniture polish, and one good all purpose glass and counter cleaner. These items will do the trick for most cleaning jobs. Also, grab two empty garbage bags: one to carry garbage you find along the way, and the other to fill with things you no longer want but are still useful. You can give these items away or sell
them at a later date.

--Turn off the TV and the phone! The quickest cleaning is accomplished without any distractions.

--Get organized. Make a list of the rooms you want to tackle, then clean each room fully before moving on to the next.

--Let the sun shine in! Open the windows and let the clean, green aroma of spring's new flower and plant life enter your home. Not only will the mustiness of winter be removed, but you'll also protect yourself from inhaling dust and dangerous fumes from cleaning products.

--Play some fun, lively music. Before you know it, your adrenaline will start pumping and you'll be dancing your way through the house.

--Toss away everything you don't use. I mean everything! Be ruthless. Less clutter not only makes future dusting easier, it also has a tendency to give us a freer, more relaxed frame of mind when we enjoy these rooms. Feng shui, the art of uncluttered living, has long been practiced by Chinese people. It is believed that if the universe's energy, or chi, can easily flow through a room, our lives will be more harmonious and joyful.
Decorators worldwide are now embracing the simple beauty of barer rooms for easier living.

--Gather the extra items in your life and give them to charity, or sell them at a spring-time yard sale. Get the whole family in the act by telling kids that they can keep the profits from selling toys they no longer use.

--Work around the room in one direction, either left or right. This way, there won't be any time wasted in criss-crossing the room, or vacuuming that same spot twice.

--Clear it off and put it away. This is really the first step to cleaning any room. In the livingroom this means putting away books and recycling old magazines. Clear away all knickknacks and family photos so that dusting and polishing can be finished in a snap. In the bedrooms, remove items stored under the bed, and file away or throw out papers. In the kitchen, remove everything from counters and take down curtains. In the bathroom, clear away potpourri holders, magazines, and waste baskets. Take down the shower curtain and liner for laundering. Just remember to tackle one room at a time. Remove these items and cleaning will be much easier.

-- Wear rubber gloves! Even though it is harder to grip things with gloves than it is with bare hands, it is worth using them to protect your skin from the harshness of hot water and drying chemicals.


When you're finished cleaning, it's time to put back those items you need and love. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

--The only necessary appliances on kitchen counters are the ones that you use daily or weekly. Stash anything else in cabinets or cupboards. Also, if you have a counter full of cook books you seldom use, you may want to put them on a shelf for more living and cooking space.

-- Try putting treasured knickknacks and photos on different tables, shelves, or even in different rooms. This will give your home a fresh new look.


Following a list makes everything in life easier and more efficient. Here are some spring cleaning tips and techniques for every room in your home.

1. Dust and vacuum corners and crevices from high points to low. Remember dust falls downward so you want to clean from the top to the bottom of any room.
2. Vacuum furniture, lampshades and pictures. Remember all those gadgets that come with your vacuum cleaner? Use them here, and experiment with different attachments for furniture and corners of rooms.
3. Vacuum or wash curtains.
4. Dust wood furniture.
5. Dust mop floors.
6. Vacuum carpet.
7. Take plants outside for a gentle washing with a fine spray from your garden hose. Plants and their pots get dusty over the winter.

1. Wash, or dry-clean curtains.
2. Take blinds outside and wash them with a mild ammonia solution Rinse with that good old stand by--the garden hose!
3. Strip bed linens and dust ruffle.
4. Vacuum your mattress and box spring. Flip and rotate the mattress before putting on new sheets. This will prevent dips from forming on the mattress, and keep it firmer longer.
5. Polish wood furniture and dust knickknacks.
6. Vacuum everything, from the floor behind and under the bed to the carpet, lampshade and pictures.
7. Clean mirrors and wipe down light fixtures and lamps.
8. Dust mop wood floors.

1. Let cleansers do the scrubbing for you! Spray your oven with cleaner the night before you plan to spring clean your kitchen This will literally "marinate" the grease and grime, making it simple to sponge off.
2. Here is a great microwave cleaning tip: fill a paper cup with water and a few tablespoons of baking soda. Nuke it for about 30 seconds, or until you see the contents explode! Then just take a paper towel and wipe it all
off. The explosion spreads the cleanser over the entire area, and you can even use the moistened rag or paper towel to wipe outside the microwave and its surrounding area.
3. Vacuum stove vents, refrigerator coils, floor, and counters.
4. Defrost that freezer. A blow-drier aimed at the ice will speed up the process. Get rid of old foods, or those jars of things you thought you'd like but never ate. 5. Clean the inside of freezer and fridge with a
solution of three tablespoons of baking soda and one quart of warm water.
6. Clean outside of fridge with glass cleaner.
7. Clean counters, appliances and stove top with an all purpose glass cleaner or the baking soda solution listed above.
8. Wash out the trash can and spray it with a good disinfectant before putting in a new lining. Leave it outside the kitchen for the next step.
9. For linoleum floors, spray a foaming tile cleaner and take a five minute break, (you can change the CD, or start clearing out items in another room). When you come back, you just need to sponge mop the floor. The
foaming cleanser will have already lifted up the dirt so you don't have to.

1. Spray shower and tub with strong cleanser.
2. Pour cleaner into the toilet bowl, and spray the outside with the same cleaner. Let the chemicals do the cleaning while you do the next steps.
3. Clean mirrors, chrome, bathroom scale, and light fixtures with glass cleaner.
4. Vacuum everything! This will remove dust and hair that is so hard to get up when surfaces are wet.
5. Empty and clean the wastepaper basket.
6. Clean the sink and wipe off the cleanser you already applied to the shower and tub.
7. Working from the top of the toilet down, clean the outside, and brush and flush the inside.
8. Scrub the floor with a strong cleanser. Tough tile floors can be most easily cleaned by hand with the scrub-brush side of a bathroom-only sponge.
9. One more tip: spaghetti mops are more efficient at getting into tough corners than sponge mops. Many types can even be thrown in the washing machine between cleanings.

Want to save yourself a lot of hassle? Why not hire Colorado Springs House Cleaning Service to come and do your deep cleaning or spring cleaning for you?  Call our office at 634-1139 for a free estimate, or Click Here for an Online Estimate.

We also provide House Cleaning Services in Denver and Surrounding areas. Click here to to go to the Mountain Maids of Denver web site:

Denver House Cleaning by Mountain Maids
House Cleaning in Denver and surrounding areas by Mountain Maids. Affordable quality Denver / Parker / Castle Pines / Highlands Ranch maid services. Winner of the BBB Gold Star Award. Bonded & Insured.


Picking a good house cleaner is not as easy as it sounds. Many just pick up the yellow pages or do a search on the internet and pick the first company that they find that charges the lowest price. That unfortunately is not always the best route. Anybody with a little bit of money can set up a web site or run an ad. Over the years we have seen people come and go in this business. The majority of these people were good, hard working honest people who just did not have very good business sense and did not make it. They often after making a go of it leave unhappy clients behind with unresolved issues such as lost, missing or broken items, home, services or deposits paid for but not provided, house keys that were not returned, confidential information such as credit card info in limbo,etc, etc. The bigger concern however are the people out there who are dishonest and really don't care about integrity and are in business for other reasons. These are the ones that are very scary and that you need to watch out for! They are the kind of people who will provide CHEAP services because they may have other intentions.

So then, what do you look for if you are hiring a house cleaning company or maid service?

Firstly: How long have they been in business?

Bad services don't last very long! Also don't take them at their word as to how long they have been in business, there are MANY companies and individuals out there who will blatently lie to you about who they are and what they do and how long they have been around. Your best defense is to research companies / individuals well before you hire them. If a company is going to lie to you about the most basic things like how long they have been in business then what else do you need to be concerned about? Are they a real business or are they using this as a means of gaining access to your home to check out your possessions and security? It is very easy for somebody to file a trade name and be in business tomorrow. The scary thing is what do you as a customer know about this company or individual and their integrity? How can you be sure that the person who owns the "business" is not a convicted criminal who has just got out of jail and can't find work, and so decides to "start his or her own business". There have been cases where people have hired individuals or questionable companies who have later come back and burglarized the home. (for example, here is an interesting article from the " Cinncinnati Enquirer".... Click Here... to read the article. In addition some of these individuals may not physically steal from you but, since they have access to your home, they can get hold of your important papers such as bank statements, credit card statements, social security numbers, etc. With the rise of identity theft cases can you take a chance with somebody you don't know having free reign in your home? With our screened and bonded housekeepers that should not be a concern.

Secondly: Do Some Research into the company!

If you are dealing with a company then be sure they carry bonding and liability insurance. If they don't then then beware!! Steer clear of individuals .. you are just looking for trouble hiring an independent, even if they previously worked for a reputable company. Why are they no longer there? Don't take their explination at face value .. maybe they were fired for some or other reason .. you will never know, and because of privacy issues the company is not going to divulge that information to you. If you insist on hiring an individual then do a full state-to-state background check and credit check. (Crooks will move to another state if they become known in one state). To be sure, run these at least every 6 months on this individual since there may be a pending case that does not yet appear on the records.. (Note: We highly recommend that you NOT hire an individual because of the other concerns we discuss elswhere relating to the legal
requirements such as Social Security and IRS witholding, Workers Comp Insurance, etc. ... Click Here .. to see that article .,... page down to the section that
says "Individual / Independent Cleaners

Thirdly: Check them out with the Better Business Bureau

If you are looking to hire a company to clean for you start out by checking the company out with the BBB. If they are a member that is a good start. Remember however that BBB membership is something that members pay for so most of the time the BBB has a vested interest in having companies become members. The question is how long have they been members and how do they respond to customer concerns. If a company has only been a member for say only 3 months then there is no track record. Also keep in mind that the BBB takes at face value what businesses tell them about themselves and only question the potential member if there is a concern.

Fourthly: Does the Company hire employees or are they Independent Contractors?

If they are contractors then YOU get stuck with employment taxes and workers compensation costs. There are a number of companies out there with very nice flashy website that looks really good, but when your read very carefully it is obvious that they act as an "agency" which makes YOU responsible for Social Security taxes for YOUR employee as well as IRS witholding, Workers Comp, etc. etc. Are you willing to act as "employer"?  Are you prepared to to withold FICA and Social Security taxes, carry workers comp insurance etc.?

Fifthly: Don't be fooled by the fact that they come up in an internet search or have a web site.

Today in just a few minutes anybody with a credit card and a web site can get placement in many search engines. That does not mean that they are a good or trustworthy company or that what the web site claims is true. NOBODY checks this info. If you don't check then you are on your own. Check out any company you are considering using....period!

Finally: Let others know of your experiences.

If you are aware of a questionable company or individual then share it with others. Don't hesitate to call the BBB and report them. We all hate to name names, but the fact of the matter is that there are companies or individuals out there that are questionable,  and yet day to day reputable companies like ours and others are forced to compete with them because they appear to be what they are not. They make promises that they do not deliver or practice unethical policies to offer unreasonably low prices that no ethical company can compete with. Let others know by calling the BBB so that they will be exposed ..

Ready to hire a reputable House Cleaning Company? Then call us ... since 1987 we have been providing quality affordable house cleaning in
Colorado Springs and Denver. For Colorado Springs Click Here  or for Denver and surrounding areas Click Here .