Colorado Springs House Cleaning and professional affordable Maid Service. If you need quality house cleaning Colorado Springs or any surrounding areas, then call us!

Do you live in or around Colorado Springs? Are you tired of spending all your free time cleaning your home? We can help you. For the past 26 years Colorado Springs House Cleaning Service has been providing affordable house cleaning and maid services in Colorado Springs and all surrounding areas. Our service areas include: the Air Force Academy, Albert Estates, Bent Tree, Briargate, Black Forest, the Broadmoor, Cimmeron Hills, Constitution Hills, Country Club, Erindale, Falcon, Fountain, Fox Run, Gleneagle, High Forest Ranch, Higby Estates, Monument, Jackson Creek, Gleneagle, Village Seven, Norwood, Northgate, Palmer Lake, Palmer Park, Pine Cliff, Pine Creek, Rockrimmon, Rustic Hills, Sand Creek, Skyway, Springs Ranch, Stetson Hills, University Park, Village Seven, Widefield and all surrounding Col. Spgs  and El Paso County neighborhoods.We also service Falcon, Elbert, Peyton and all surrounding areas.

Our Rates are Affordable!

We provide affordable house cleaning and maid services. For example, typical rates for an every other week or weekly cleaning for a very small home or apartment in average condition would run between $108 and $138, while an average size home will typically run between $138 and $168 per cleaning. Larger homes will run a little higher, and homes with many pets or in bad condition will obviously take more time and run a litte more... please call us today for a free over the phone estimate or fill out our online estimate request form here. Please keep in mind that if you are on a limited budget we can tailor our service with a priority list to make it affordable for you and to meet your budget. For example if all you need is the bathrooms and the kitchen then we can do that, if you want the entire house cleaned then we can do that too. Also some customers may want weekly cleaning, while others may just need want bi-weekly or monthly service or occasional cleaning .. we can do whatever you need to meet your requirements. Please call us to discuss your needs .. we are happy to adjust our estimate to make it affordable for you. We can also help you with a referral for exterior window cleaning or carpet cleaning, since we only specialize in house keeping related duties such as house cleaning and maid services.

Why you should choose us?

We are the oldest locally owned cleaning company in the area. We provide excellent service and are a stable, established Colorado Springs House Cleaning company that has been here for over 26 years and will be here for the next 26 years. Over the years we have grown steadily because of our fair prices and quality house cleaning services. We are a locally owned family business that believes in in good old fashoned customer service. When you call our company you are going to reach a live person who is going to be able to answer your questions and take care of all of your concerns. We and our employees are all part of our community and what we earn as a business and as employees is pent right here in our city goes right back into the community . As a company we are big enough to provide excellent and reliable services for our customers but still small enough to KNOW each and every one of our customers by name. Unlike the franchise cleaning companies like Merry Maids, Molly Maids, The Maids, The Cleaning Authority, etc we do not have to pay high franchise fees so we  are able to keep our overheads low and pass on the savings to our customers. If you need affordable house cleaning / maid services then we are your best option!  Why not join our hundreds of satisfied customers who have found out that WE can take care of all of their cleaning needs.. We provide both regular and occasional cleanings as well as Spring Cleaning, one time deep cleaning and Move Out and Move In cleaning! Call us today for a free estimate.

What are our typical services?

A large majority of our customers are weekly or every other week customers, but we also do Spring Cleaning's, deep cleaning, one time cleaning, move out and move in cleaning and occasional service. In all cases we offer quality affordable rates to all of our customers! If you need house cleaning in  Colorado Springs then we can help you. We can take care of all of your housekeeping needs. Please call our Colorado Springs office or our Denver office to see if we provide maid service in your area. It is very likely that we do!  You can also call our toll free number at 1-866-MAID-411

SERVICE AREAS INCLUDE: Colo Spgs, Monument, Palmer Lake, Kings Deer,Woodmoor, Bent Tree and the entire Tri-Lakes area. We also service downtown Colorado Springs, the Broadmoor, Manitou Springs, Village Seven, Stetson Hills, University Park, Rockrimmon, Pine Creek, Briargate and all areas in and around Colorado Springs. Call our office at 719-634-1139 to find out if we provide service in your area.

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Since 1987 we have been providing affordable quality Colorado Spgs house cleaning services for homes and apartments in the Pikes Peak region including Woodland Park, GFreen Mountain Falls, Falcon, Peyton, etc. We also service Larkspur, Castle Rock, Castle Pines, Highlands Ranch, Parker and the entire Denver area through our sister company Mountain Maids in Littleton. Call or E-mail us for more info. Call 719-634-1139 or 1-866-Maid-411

Why We Are Better!

Why use us for all of your house cleaning or maid service needs? What about other services out there? While it is true that there are hundreds of cleaning companies out there, the fact of the matter is that most of these folks do not last more than a year or two.  Over the years we have seen people come and go in this business .. take a look at a phone book from a few years ago and see how many of those house cleaning or maid service companies are still operating today. Most start up house cleaning businesses go out of business within  the first 2 years. Even many of the franchise operations change hands 2 or 3 times within the first 5 years as the original purchasers find that they can't make it and turn the operation back to the franchise company, which promptly sells it to another inexperienced hopeful owner. In the mean time customers and employees are left in limbo. Don't be fooled by the franchise company's claims that they have been in business since 1978. How long has the LOCAL owner of the operation been around and what do the owners really know about house cleaning. We have been cleaning Colorado Springs homes locally for over 26 years! We know house cleaning! We have encountered any cleaning related problem before. We are bonded, insured, and do thorough background checks of all of our employees! Can you afford to have just anybody clean your home? We do detailed background checks on all of our employees and provide quality affordable service across  the Colorado front range from Colorado Springs to Monument to Larkspur and Castle Rock all the way to the Denver metro and surrounding areas.

We are often asked how it is that we have lasted over 26 years in this business. This is a tough business to be in. The answer is to consistently deliver what you promise! We provide affordable quality homecleaning service and have been doing so for the past 26 years. Our employees are professionally trained house cleaners who really about their work and provide quality Colorado Springs house cleaning. In addition we provide excellent customer service. We are a real business, so when you call our office during business hours you will get a live person, not an answering machine!  Our hand picked office staff care about our customers and will listen to you and your needs and do their best to accommodate you.  Our staff have a great passion for  housekeeping and so do our employees, and that is the reason we are so successful! We don't believe in cutting corners. We started our maid service here in Denver and Colorado Springs over 26 years ago and just keep growing! Life is so busy these days, it's really tough to keep up with your home and that is the reason we provide quality affordable home-cleaning. If you are having difficulty keeping up with your house work and you need an affordable maid service then you need us.  In the past 26 years we have seen other companies come and go over the years but we have survived because of our commitment to provide quality service at an affordable price. Just take a look at a phone book from a few years ago and you will see what I mean. We charge affordable rates and provide quality service! We are not the cheapest people in town because we intend to be here next year and the following year and the year after that, but we can beat the franchise companies like Merry Maids, Molly Maids and the rest hands down on both price and quality because we do not have the large overheads that they do. Each of our housekeepers understands that it is important that they do a good quality job in your home and we expect a lot from them. Every one of our employees understands that we will not tie our customers down with long term housekeeping service contracts, but instead we expect that because of the great job our employees do the customer will want us back.

Why we better than the other services out there?  Click here to see why. We have been doing this for over 26 years, and will be here for the next 26 years. We are not a fly by night that is here today and will be gone tomorrow.  We genuinely care about our customers one at at time. ..we are the very best service in town, compare our prices .. we are affordable, ... yes you can afford us. give us a try, you will not be sorry!

Some Commonly Asked Questions:

1. Do I really need a  maid service to do this for me?  In the past I have had an individual who has their own business and operates under a business name?  Why would that be a problem?

Yes, it's true there are independent cleaners out there, but most homeowners are totally unaware of the risks involved in hiring an independent maid to work for them. First there is the legal issue of the requirement by the IRS and Social Security Administration that you treat them as your "domestic employee" and withhold income taxes and FICA for wages paid to them and remit these to the IRS as well as include your matching Social Security contribution. This applies even if you only have them work for you once a week or every other week or monthly. This is the infamous "nanny tax" and if you just pay your housekeeper in cash and hope for the best you will have a rude surprise 10 or more years later when this person tries to retire with no Social Security and you get a cordial letter in the mail informing you that you owe the Social Security for this persons FICA plus penalties. Just not worth it in the long run.  Also don't be fooled by those claiming that they are doing it themselves .. it's your responsibility and it will come back to bite you if you don't do the right thing now. Most independents do NOT want you to withhold because they take less home that way ... but 10 or 15 years down the line when they have no social security coming to them or when they are audited by the IRS they will sing a different song .. they will blame YOU and all their other employers for their woes ... Just not worth the problems!

An even bigger concern is WHY many independents are going it alone. The fact is many "independents" are doing their own thing because no reputable cleaning company will hire them because of some past problem. There are individuals with criminal records that struggle to find work with any legitimate company. These people will go out and plaster a neighborhood offering to do house cleaning or landscaping or handy work, painting, etc., etc. How do you know who you are dealing with? Even if they have a trade name keep in mind that anybody can file a trade name and be in business in a few hours.Don't be fooled by the fact that your neighbor uses them and assume that you can trust them. How did your neighbor check this person out? We are not trying to scare you, but there ARE questionable people out there. Take a look at this article from the Cincinnati Enquirer and you will see how A NUMBER of people were taken in by this woman who operated a "company". 
Click Here   Also here is another case of somebody else doing the same thing:   Click Here ... can you afford to go with just anybody? You can trust Colorado Springs House Cleaning Service with your home. We run thorough background checks on all our employees and will not take chances with questionable people in your home! Call us for your housecleaning needs in Denver, Aurora, Parker, Littleton, Highlands Ranch,Castle Rock, Colorado Springs and all surrounding areas.

2. How about somebody that previously worked for you or another company? If they were fine working for your company why would it be a problem for them to work for me?

There are two issues here. Firstly, any existing or former employee of ours who approaches you directly to work for you privately knows that they are violating the law and company policies. All of our employees are required to sign an agreement that limits them from having contact with our customers (as far as it relates to providing services similar to our services) after they leave our employ or on their own. This agreement spells out that fact that our company information on who our customers are and what we do for our customers is confidential company trade secrets and as our employee we are entrusting to them this confidential information. They are not permitted to use this information in any way for their own benefit. The bottom line is that before they came to work for us they had no knowledge of who our customers are and what we do for our customers and it is regarded as a "theft of trade secrets" for an individual to work for a company, find out confidential information and then use it to the detriment of the company for their own benefit. This in other words is THEFT and is a CRIMINAL OFFENSE. Here is some info about the trade secrets law:
Click HereThe bottom line is if this individual is willing to risk jail time to STEAL from our company, then what makes you think they will not steal from you? They are either honest or they are not ... don't be fooled into accepting their excuses as to why it is OK for them to do what they are proposing to do, ie steal from the company a customer we invested advertising dollars into getting  ... they will do exactly the same thing in justifying why it is OK to take from you something that is not theirs to take. Our customers are not theirs to take. They are free to spend the money, as we do, to advertise to get their own customers .. but a dishonest person just won't do that .. it's easier to steal than to do the right thing!

Secondly, as a company we are very careful who we hire and we constantly monitor our employees to ensure we have honest people working for us. We do thorough background checks and an ongoing assessment of each and every employee. We are careful to ensure that even if an employee is not charged with a crime, if we have an uneasy feeling about a person we will not hire them or we will let them go if we have an uneasy feeling about them and feel that they may have slipped through the cracks. Although that may mean that we occasionally pass up somebody that may have been OK, we would rather err on the side of caution and not take a chance in putting a dishonest person in your home. What do you really know about that independent cleaner? .... Very little I am sure!

The fact is that even if a person is honest today, it does not mean that they will continue to be honest. Many criminals become criminals when the opportunity arises or when they are desperate. An individual may have been a former employee  of our or another cleaning company and at that time they were honest, but then all of a sudden their circumstances change and they, in desperation, become thieves. Most individuals who are out there working alone often are not able to make ends meet and have nothing to fall back on when an emergency hits ... that is often when they will become desperate and do dishonest things! Our employees have no need to ever consider being dishonest in your home. We treat employees like family and our employees know that if they have an immediate need they can approach us to assist them. Individuals working alone just don't have those options open to them so they may be tempted in your home. Do you want to constantly be worried about the person who is in your home? Colorado Springs House Cleaning Service, Inc.take the GUESS WORK out of hiring a house-cleaner. If you have us clean your home you can be sure we will stay on top of everything that goes on with our employee so that you don't have to!

We service the entire Colorado Spgs and surrounding areas including Monument, Palmer Lake, Black Forest, Falcon, Peyton, Woodland Park, Briargate, Broadmoor, and the entire El Paso County area. We also service parts of Teller County, All of Douglas County and all areas in and around Denver. Please call us to see if we service your neighborhood. We are an A+ Rated Better Businnes Bureau Accredited Business for your peace of mind!

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Who Are We?

For over 26 years we have provided quality cleaning house Colorado Springs maid services across the Colorado front range.  We are locally owned and operated and provide quality cleaning services in Colorado Springs, Monument, Palmer Lake, Kings Deer,Woodmoor, Bent Tree and the entire Tri-Lakes area. We also service downtown Colorado Springs, the Broadmoor, Manitou Springs, Village Seven, Stetson Hills, University Park, Rockrimmon, Pine Creek, Briargate, Woodland Park, Falcon and all areas in and around Colorado Springs. Call our office at 719-634-1139 to find out if we provide service in your area.

If you need a maid or maid service then call our Colorado Springs  office. Colorado Springs House Cleaning Service is an affordable Maid  and house cleaning company. For all of you needs in  Colorado Springs, Monument, the Broadmmoor, Kings Deer, Pine Creek or Briargate call us first!.  We offer high quality service at an affordable price.
We provide a  professional homecleaning and maid service in all areas up and down the front range. If you need a dependable housecleaning service then please call us!  We are an affordable Colorado Springs maid service. If you want high quality service then call us and give us a try.

Our service areas include all of Colorado Springs and  Denver,  all surrounding areas. In Colorado Springs our service areas include: Air Force Academy Albert Estates Bent Tree Black Forest Briargate Briargate- Charleston Place Briargate-  Fairfax Briargate- Stoneglen Briargate Summerfield Broadmoor Broadmoor Bluffs Broadmoor Spires Brookwood Cherry Creek Crossing Cherry Creek Springs Cheyenne Ridge Cimmeron Hills Constitution Hills Country Club Creekside Cross Creek Crown Hill Divine Redeemer Doewood Estates Downtown Erindale Erindale Valley Falcon Hills Falcon-  Woodman Hills Flying Horse Ranch Fountain Fountain-  Countryside Fountain-  Heritage Fountain-  Little Ranches Fox Run Gleneagle High Forest Ranch Indigo Ranch Kings Deer Knob Hill Longview Estates Lowell Mahogany Vale Monument Monument-  Jackson Creek Monument-  Woodmoor Mountain Shadows North End Norwood-  Sunset Ridge Norwood Old Broadmoor Old Colorado City Old Farm Orchard Valley Paint Brush Hills Palmer Lake Park Vista Peaceful Valley Peregrine Perry Park Pheasant Run Pikes Peak Park Pine Cliff Pine Creek Prospect Lake Quail Meadows Rockledge Rockrimmon Rustic Hills Sand Creek Sierra Ridge Skyway Skyway Heights South Borough Spring Creek Springs Ranch Stetson Hills Stratton Forest Stratton Preserve Sundown Sunset Mesa Sylvan Meadows Turkey Canon Ranch Tuscany Heights University Park University Park Villas Valley Hi Village 7  Vista Grande Wasson Widefield-   Fountain Valley Ranch Windmill Mesa Woodmen Hills Woodmen Oaks Woodmen Valley Austin Bluffs  Briargate Broadmoor  Citadel  Downtown  Fillmore East  Fillmore West  Fountain  Fountain Valley  Garden of the Gods  Gleneagle  High Pines  Jackson Creek  Meadow Lake  Monument  Mountain Shadows  Northgate  Palmer Lake  Palmer Park  Peregrine  Portal Park  Rockrimmon  Stetson Hills  Woodmen Hills