Construction Cleaning by Mountain Maids of Denver and Colorado Springs House Cleaning
Mountain Maids of Denver and Colorado Springs House Cleaning provides affordable Construction Cleaning services. Typically we will come and clean a home that has just been built or rennovated just after all the major work is done. For more info please call our office at 303-703-9392 or 719-634-1139 or 1-866-MAID-411
What is actually involved in Construction and Remodel Cleaning?

Construction can be a very messy process. It is not an exact science. There are numerous sub contractors that come into the home being built and pay no attention to what others are doing in the home. An individual may come in and saw wood inside the home and create a tremendous amount of dust in the home and not think twice about what they are doing.
This problem even gets worse when the home is being remodeled. Mountain Maids / Colorado Springs House Cleaning often gets calls from homeowners who have for example just had their wood floors refinished and now there is DUST on every single surface in the home. We are up to the challenge and will come in and take care of things, but it can be very time consuming. Our pricing is based on the time we expect to take to complete the project, so a home say about 3000 sw ft that has dust all over the place due to a remodel or wood floor refinish could take 3 of our employees anywhere from 6 to 8 hours and run about $400 to $800 to complete.
How you can minimize your costs for Construction / Remodel Cleaning.

The first thing to do is you have any control over the sub-contractors is let them know that you EXPECT them to clean up after themselves. If you are having your floors refinished ask your contractor to tape off the areas that are not being sanded with plastic. This will not totally eliminate the dust but it will help cut doen the dust into areas that are not being refinished. Ask your contractor if their pricing includes any kind of cleaning. You should budget into the price quoted to you some cost for cleaning .. either that you will have to do yourself or that you will have to hire somebody else to do for you.

For new construction you should expect that the home is going to have to be cleaned before you move into it, so budget for this and you will not be upset about having to spend the money to do this. Your builder may have already included in the budget an amount for post construction cleaning. If not expect to have to do this yourself or hire somebody to do it for you. Tract homes are usually given a basic once over by the builders cleaning crew but usually this is not perfect, so if you are picky expect to be doing some additional cleaning yourself. Custom home builders will often include in their budget the cost of post construction cleaning. This usually involves a final interior cleaning of the home before you move in. A typical 2500 to 3000 sq ft home may run anywher from $700 to $1200 to get cleaned properly. If the budget is only $200 to $300 then don't be surprised if the cleaning does not meet your standards .. the cleaning crew more than likely just did not have sufficient to spend in your home to do the detail that would be neccesary.
What do you typically do in a new construction cleaning?

The new construction cleaning crew's goal is to get the home ready for you to move in. Typically we would clean the entire interior of the home, wipe down all surfaces, clean inside and outside of all cabinets and drawers, wipe down all horizontal and vertical surfaces such as shelves, etc. clean all glass inside and out including scraping stickers and paint off windows inside and out, removing stickers and construction debris such as drywall mud off fixtures such as bathroom fixtures, tubs, etc., cleaning all ahrd floors, vacuuming al carpeted areas, etc. etc. Usually the post construction cleaning crew would come and detail the home AFTER all the construction workers have left and just before you are moving in. Often we may have to work areound a painter or other contractor who is performing some last minute touch up of their job, and we are used to this. Some builders prefer to have their own crew clean windows inside and out and that is fine with us since this is one of the most time consuming part of the construction cleaning process for us. Cleaning the windows yourself can cut down on the cost substantially depending on the number of windows in the home.
If you would like to know more about our construction cleaning service please call our office or send us an e-mail. You can reach us by going to our main web site. Click Here to go there now.