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Colorado Springs House Cleaning Service provides cleaning services  in Colorado Springs and all surrounding areas. We are an affordable alternative to Merry Maids, Molly Maids, The Maids and all of the other franchise companies out there. If you need home cleaning in  Colorado Springs, Falcon, Monument, Black Forest, Woodland Park or any of the surrounding areas then we can do it for you. We are often refered by the areas realtor's to help with preparing a home for sale or cleaning it for the owner after they have moved out. If you need a reliable and dependable cleaning company, we are the very best service in town. Give us a try, you will not be sorry. Thanks!
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What our customers say about us
Perspectives on the Quality of the cleaning service you receive
In today's economic environment it is understandable that we are all seeking to get the most for our dollar. Colorado Springs House Cleaning Service is very reasonably priced compared to our major competitors.... on average our pricing is less than our competitors like Merry Maids*, Molly Maids*, The Maids*, etc for the same number of work hours. Our average hourly rates run about $35 to $40 / work hour. More difficult projects like wall washing and construction cleaning will run more. Our competition will often will not disclose to you how many work hours they plan to give you for what you are paying for so its difficult to compare based on the hourly rate. In the end the quality of the work is the key thing. We are certain that we can beat their rates for the same number of work hours. Call us and compare.
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What about other options:

Individual / Independent Cleaners

In order to save money you may go the route of hiring an independent person to clean your home. Unfortunately this route is fraught with very high risks you may not be aware of. The majority of independent house cleaners do not report their earnings to the IRS and the Social Security Administration. As far as the IRS and SSA is concerned YOU are their "employer", even if you only have them once a week or once every other week. They are regarded as your "domestic employee" and as their "employer" you are required to withold employment taxes, and match FICA and Medicare and remit these to the IRS and Social Security Administration and State Unemployment, etc... a very painful / complicated process which most legitimate businesses hire an accountant or CPA to do for them...

In addition as their employer you are legally required to carry Workers Comp insurance on this individual. Although, again a pain, to do it is a very wise decision if you wish to protect yourself should an employee get injured in your home ...

Of course you can avoid all of this by just going with a reputable company like Colorado Springs House Cleaning which takes care of all of these requirements ...
What about other "Companies" that charge less.

Whatever industry you are in there will always be somebody out there who will offer a lower price to get your business. We are able to offer lower prices than our competition because we do not carry the same franchise and other overheads that they do. The have to pay a percentage of their revenue to the franchise company, which they then pass on to you as a higher cost. Since we are locally owned and operated we don't have those expenses. However, we are NOT the cheapest people in town. As a company we charge the lowest prices we can without compromising on the QUALITY. We could hire people at minumim wage and then charge less, but we want to attract the BEST employees, pay them a fair wage and provide QUALITY service at an AFFORDABLE price.

We do have other "companies" that will undercut us, and if you shop around you will find somebody that will do it for $10.00 or $15.00 less than us, but usually it will be at an ADDITIONAL COST to you that will not be immediately apparent.

How are they able to charge less?

We really feel it is important to do everything above board. We don't believe in cutting corners to compete with these companies. Typically these "companies" will cut corners by, for example, not taking out workers comp insurance on their employees, which puts you, as the homeowner, at risk, since you would be liable if a person was injured on your property, or by not having liability insurance or bonding their employees. Often they will call their employees "independent contractors" and claim that they are an "agency", in which case you would be required to withold and pay Social Security / FICA / Medicare, etc. and be responsible for workers comp and liability insurance.

Some of these questionable companies hire illegals and pay them very low wages or will put people with questionable backgrounds in your home... very scary!!

What About some of the "New" Franchise Companies?

Of late there have been a number of "new" companies coming to town with slick advertising brochures. The problem is that the brochure is NOT the company or the ownership of the company. Who are you actually dealing with? Check them out with the BBB and the Secretary of State to see when they in fact started operating here. The problem is there is no track record for these companies. They will, without hesitation LIE to you about how long they have been in business. The fact that they are part of a "franchise" means little ... who are the local owners and can you trust them? The fact that the franchise has been in business for a certain number of years means NOTHING if the local franchisees have just started the business and have no scruples ... How can you really know who you are letting into your home?

Colorado Springs House Cleaning has been serving Colorado since 1987 .. over 28 years ... and we will be here for the next 28 years. We are not a fly-by-night company that started yesterday and will be gone tomorrow. Over the past 28 years we have seen people and  companies come and go in this business .. . Take a look at an old copy of the yellow pages from a few years ago under the "House Cleaning" section and you will be surprised how many of the companies that were in those books are no longer around. They did not last because they were not willing to do the right thing and did not care about their customers. They thought it would be easy to run a house cleaning company but discovered that this is not an easy business to be succesful in. We are not perfect BUT we genuinely CARE about our customers and you can be sure you are dealing with a stable, reputable company that will be there for you today, tomorrow and in the future.

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Can You do something to make your service Affordable for me?

Sure we can! We have many customers that pay very reasonable rates and are very happy. You do have to, however, keep your expectations realistic. Our pricing is based on the time we will be spending in your home cleaning. Obviously the more time we have the more thorough we can be. If we have 6 working hours to clean your home we are going to do a better job than we would if we only had 3 working hours, but if you only can afford to spend the amount of money for 3 hours we would be happy to do that for you and do the absolute best possible job we can in that time. Call our office to discuss your needs and we will do our absolute best to accomodate you!! Thanks for reading this!!  We LOVE happy customers .. we would like to invite you to become one!!
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