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Theft by Maid is something that happens very often, especially when people hire an "independent" house cleaner or maid. Most people don't have the time or energy to check the person out. Most people who hire an "independent house cleaner or maid" do not even know where the person lives, have not seen their drivers licence or verified that it is real or if the name they give you is their real name. Who are you really dealing with? Does this person have a criminal record? Did they perhaps just get released from prison and they need something to do so they decided to become a "maid"?  

Why would you take a chance with somebody you don't know? Just because your neighbor uses the person or recommends them does not mean you know who they really are, what their background is and if you can trust them. Don't think that just because they have filed a "trade name" and trade as "Suzies Maid Service"  that they can be trusted. Anybody, including a person with a criminal background, can file a trade name. Check the "company" out with the Better Business Bureau to ensure that they are a reputable business. If the BBB has no record of them then they are probably new or may be a scam "company". Don't think that just because they have "references" that this is a person you can believe or trust .. even criminals have "friends" that will lie for them and give them "excellent references". If you are nervous about dealing with unknown individuals or companies then stick with BBB rated companies that have been in business for many years and have a reputation! These companies do a thorough nationwide background check on all of their employees and are bonded for your protection. Yes, its true the reputable company may cost a little more than the "cheap rates" cleaning person, but you can rest assured that when the job is completed it is done right and your jewelry, credit cards, money and home are intact. Why would you take a chance and hope that everything will be ok? If you needed risky surgery would you choose the best surgeon or the cheapest one? 

Below are articles of "Theft By Maid" . You can also Google "Theft By Maid" and find many similar stories.

Here is an article that appeared on the Celebrity Justice web site. The link is:
(We provide it here in a document form because we are not sure how long this link will survive on the net.)

Former Maid Charged With Burglarizing Osbournes

October 28, 2004

Who would want to steal Kelly Osbourne's knickers? Well, according to Sharon Osbourne, the maid did it -- and "CJ" has learned the family's former maid, Juana Zavala has, in fact, been arrested by Beverly Hills Police for allegedly staging a panty raid and stealing jewelry from the family.

According to published reports, Zavala allegedly made off with Kelly Osbourne's $800 Chewbacca "Star Wars" ring, $630 worth of sheets and towels, and a diamond ring belonging to Osbourne daughter Aimee worth more than $32,000. Not mention the stolen panties. Sheriff's department documents show Zavala has been cooling her heels in a Los Angeles County Jail since late September, unable to post the $400,000 bail.

The alleged theft occurred months ago, but the accused maid only appeared in court last week.

The maid's husband, Jamie Zavala, reportedly claims that Sharon confronted the woman and pulled her hair. Sharon denies that, but it wouldn't be the first time Sharon defended her stuff. About a year and a half ago, Sharon got banged up pretty bad during a confrontation in a trendy LA restaurant, in a dispute over another pricey piece of jewelry. Sharon said at the time, "It's not like, 'why me' or 'poor me.' But I'm pissed off."

In the latest incident, Sharon says she's confident the matter will be handled properly by the DA's office.


The moral of this story?

Even famous people discover very quickly that while it is tempting to just hire an independent person to clean for you, the risks are VERY high. Many "independents" are doing their own thing because no reputable cleaning company will hire them because of some past problem or they may be illegals. There are individuals with criminal records cleaning homes. How do you know who you are dealing with? Colorado Springs House Cleaning and Mountain Maids of Colorado cleans homes in Colorado Springs and Denver and surrounding areas. Every one of our employees must pass a thorough background check and must continue to operate with intergrity to continue working for us. Can you afford to have just anybody do your house cleaning?  As a company we protect your privacy. You would be surprised to hear some of the well known people in the  area who's homes we clean .. but we protect our customers  privacy so you will not hear their names. However  no matter who you are, famous or not, YOU DESERVE quality home cleaning .. and we are happy to do that for YOU .. from the massive 18,000 sq ft mansion to the 500 sq ft loft in downtown .. we are happy to provide our personalized service for you. Call us.. it is more affordable than you think! ...and thank you for considering us!


Here is an article from USA Today

Maid to the stars sentenced to prison for theft    By Louis Lanzano
NEW YORK (AP) — A maid whose clients included Robert DeNiro and Candice Bergen was sentenced Tuesday to one to three years in prison by a judge who said the defendant was "cleaning out" her celebrity employers' valuables while cleaning their homes.

State Supreme Court Justice Renee White ignored the pleas of a weeping Lucyna Turyk-Wawrynowicz to let her return immediately to Poland.

Turyk-Wawrynowicz pleaded guilty two weeks ago to grand larceny, forgery and identity theft.

"I would like the judge to allow me to go home," Turyk-Wawrynowicz, 35, said through tears and a Polish interpreter. She said her sister died recently, leaving several young children. "They have no one to take care of them," she told the judge.

White told the maid she had "shown no remorse for your actions, but only remorse for your predicament," and imposed the prison sentence.

"During your work as a housekeeper, a job that involves trust, you violated the trust of five individuals by stealing significant property from these individuals," the judge said. "You worked not just by cleaning and dusting, but by cleaning out the property of the various employers you worked for."

White added that Turyk-Wawrynowicz had received a generous plea deal, probably because prosecutors know immigration officials will deport her when her sentence expires.

Turyk-Wawrynowicz' lawyer, Mark T. Zawisny, said his client agreed to leave the country voluntarily so that she will be sent home and not held in an immigration jail.

When she pleaded guilty to grand larceny on Feb. 8, Turyk-Wawrynowicz admitted stealing a pair of diamond earrings from DeNiro's wife, Grace Hightower. Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Anne Schwartz said the earrings were worth $95,500.

Detective Richard Kenney, lead investigator on the case, said the maid also stole Hightower's shoes and Bergen's leather jacket and cameras.

In pleading guilty to forgery, Turyk-Wawrynowicz admitted that she used a stolen credit card to buy items at Barney's, the luxury clothing store on Madison Avenue, and fraudulently signed the name of the true owner of the card.

The maid also admitted staling the identity of a now-13-year-old girl. Schwartz said the defendant used the girl's Social Security number to get residency and work papers, which she could not have gotten as an illegal alien.

"You used the Social Security number of a child to get work," the judge said. "You violated the rights of a child in order to put yourself above others, I presume, for purposes of greed."

The judge said she wanted Turyk-Wawrynowicz to do prison time "so that you get an idea of the punishment that is involved when you violate the laws of this country."

Turyk-Wawrynowicz, who lived in Queens with her husband, has been jailed for all but a couple of weeks since her arrest in June 2005.

Her attorney said that means that if the housekeeper serves the minimum — one year — with time off for good behavior, she should be out in four to six months.


Here is more of the same:
This is from  Morning Sentinal
Again this is reproduced here because we are not sure it will  survive on the net.

Victims of theft: Trial

participants become targets of maid service burglaries in Belleville.

By Tesa Culli

Mt. Vernon City Editor

MT. VERNON — A member of the Jefferson County State’s Attorney’s office and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office found out what it is like to be a victim when some of their belongings were stolen while working on the Cecil Sutherland trial in Belleville.

Sandy Edmison, who works with crime victims and prosecution witnesses for the State’s Attorney and detective Capt. John Kemp had to fill out theft reports with the Fairview Heights Police Department during the first week of May. Edmison said she discovered an expensive necklace and diamond earrings were missing from their hiding place in her room at the Drury Inns and Suites in Fairview Heights. After telling co-workers that the items were missing, Kemp discovered he was missing a large bottle of cologne, he said.

A maid at the hotel has been fired in relation to the incident, Edimson said.

"It’s my understanding that she was a fairly new maid at the hotel," Edmison said. "After she started working there, things started coming up missing."

Edmison and Kemp were only two of several hotel guests whose belongings were missing, she said.

"We’ve been treated well at the hotel," State’s Attorney Gary Duncan said. "Within any public accommodation there might be one employee who is not doing their job or doing it right. The other employees there have done a good job."

Duncan said the prosecution team is not focusing on the thefts, but on doing their jobs during the trial, which is being held in Belleville on a change of venue due to pretrial publicity.

Duncan, several employees from the Jefferson County State’s Attorney’s office and two attorney’s from the Illinois Attorney General’s office who are working on the case are staying in Fairview Heights while the trial is going on.

Both Duncan and the Cecil Sutherland defense team have opened offices in Belleville for the duration of the trial.

This one appeareed in the News Observer
(We provide it here in a document form because we are not sure how long this link will survive on the net.)


RALEIGH — Patricia Key suspected the cleaning crew she hired was taking cash, jewelry and other items from her home, but she couldn't prove it.So Key placed some marked money in a drawer in her son's bedroom and set up a hidden camera pointed at the drawer.Now one of the cleaning ladies, Gudelia Quiroz, has been charged with larceny, and federal immigration officials have placed a hold on her because she may be in the country illegally, according to court records.Key suspected the housekeepers after noticing money and jewelry missing over a period of time, court records show. So Feb. 2, she took three $20 bills, wrote down their serial numbers, made small yellow marks in the corners and then photographed them and put them in her son's drawer.When the housekeepers completed their work, Key then checked the drawer and found that the marked money was gone, court records show.When Wake County sheriff's deputy B.F. Jones arrived, he asked the two housekeepers for permission to search them. Jones stated in a court affidavit that Quiroz voluntarily pulled out the three $20 bills, court records show.After Quiroz was arrested, investigators learned from her husband that jewelry and electronic items had shown up at their home, but he did not know how they got there. Quiroz's husband told Key that she was welcome to come see whether the items matched any that she had reported stolen, court records show.Investigators searched Quiroz's home in the 7200 block of Circlebark Drive in Raleigh and found a wooden jewelry box in a closet containing a diamond bracelet, a silver ring with purple gems and diamonds, a gold ring with a dark-blue stone and diamond earrings, among other items.The deputies think some of the items had been reported stolen from other homes where Quiroz had worked as a housekeeper, court records show.


Paula Deen's ex-maid facing charges for stealing $100,000 in jewelry
 By Christopher Rocchio, 06/11/2010

Paula Deen's former maid may be heading to jail for allegedly pilfering $100,000 worth of jewelry from the Food Network personality.

Housekeeper Mary Alice White has been arrested twice in the last month on theft-by-taking charges for allegedly tried to pawn pieces of jewelry belonging to Deen and her husband, Georgia's Savannah Morning News reported Wednesday.

White denied the allegations and hung up the phone when contacted by The Associated Press.
Deen and her husband Michael Anthony Groover alerted Savannah-Chatham police on May 3 after they found approximately $100,000 worth of jewelry had disappeared from their Wilmington Island home dating back to last August.

Groover told authorities that White had been caught with some of the stolen items and fired, according to the Morning News.

White was subsequently arrested May 5 on a theft-by-taking charge after trying to pawn a pair of $18,000 earrings at a Savannah pawn shop, Chatham County Sheriff's Sgt. Laurie Tillman told the Morning News.

White was arrested again on May 13 after another pawn shop alerted police about her attempts to pawn a $7,000 Rolex watch and a $2,500 bracelet, according to the Morning News.

A police spokeswoman told the Morning News that pawn shops under the Savannah-Chatham jurisdiction are monitored by the department "especially when big-ticket items are taken."



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